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Trinity Hanrahan
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From November 1st - 4th, author Mary B. Moore and I will be hosting a charity event, HEARTS & HALOS, that will run from 7-10PM EST each evening. The event will be to raise funds for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).

There will be a series of takeovers that have been planned for authors and other indie community members to host in 15-30 minute sessions where they can put items up for auction. The winners will then pay the winning bid into a GoFundMe account set up for the event.

We already have some great authors and photographers lined up to participate, to include CM Steele, Sarah Curtis, Reggie Deanching and many more!

Sadly, I lost my daughter, Lexy, to SIDS in 2004. Given these two conditions are the same in nature, they have joined together in an effort to raise awareness. The funds will be donated to the foundations who work hard researching for a way to detect these conditions and prevent them.

The event coincides with the eleventh anniversary of Mary's best friend, Claire Wind, who passed from SADS on November 2nd. All proceeds from the first two weeks of sales (including pre orders) of her book being released on November 7th are being donated to the charities.

FACEBOOK EVENT: https://m.facebook.com/events/1141018755962218


Thank you for your help!
Trinity & Mary

9th-Dec-2015 03:02 pm - Pivotal Moments Cover Reveal!
So, guess what?

I have my cover from my publisher! See below!

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19th-Oct-2015 07:36 pm - EXCITING NEWS!

Pivotal Moments will be released on January 19, 2016!

Mark it on your calendars, folks!

As the date nears, I'll also be holding a raffle for free copies. Be sure to pay attention to any announcements that come up!

Not long now...I'm so excited!
28th-Sep-2015 07:18 pm - EXCITING NEWS!


This is really happening!! HOLY SHIT!
5th-Jun-2015 10:59 am - Hey all! [A rant & and an update]
First of all:

I hate when I can't think of a word when I'm writing. I'm usually forced to completely write another sentence, since I can't come up with the word I want.

Then, two chapters later, I figure out what that word was.



Pivotal Moments is now in the editing stage with the new chapters that I needed to write at the beginning being started! Dhark-charlotte has been helping me a lot with getting everything ready. :-) It's been a long, but exciting, road so far.
1st-Feb-2015 08:53 pm - The Super Bowl
Rowan put on her own half-time show for us! :-)

Check it out here!!
27th-Oct-2014 03:26 pm - Dear iTunes: You Suck
Frog Baffled
So... Mia had an iTunes account. Long story, but she's no longer allowed to use the iPod or the iTunes account anymore. I decided today I was going to log into it and see what she had in it. It was still set for an old email address of mine, but the password she gave me wasn't the correct one.


So, I go through the password reset process, change the user ID, etc as per instructions.

I get it done (I thought) and I log in. I keep having to do this. Over and over and over.

I finally get in and I check everything, looks OK, decide that I like the music and I'll download it to the computer.

Now suddenly my account is disabled. I can access everything, but when I try to do something, it says it's disabled.

Why the HELL can't anything ever be simple when it comes to this child?!?!
24th-Oct-2014 10:21 am - Recovering Old Account

Fixed the username issue... *shrugs on correct name* Hello, musesinspire. I've missed you, old friend!

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