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Trinity Hanrahan
ANNOUNCEMEMT: SIDS/SADS Charity Fundraiser! 
31st-Oct-2016 02:27 pm


From November 1st - 4th, author Mary B. Moore and I will be hosting a charity event, HEARTS & HALOS, that will run from 7-10PM EST each evening. The event will be to raise funds for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).

There will be a series of takeovers that have been planned for authors and other indie community members to host in 15-30 minute sessions where they can put items up for auction. The winners will then pay the winning bid into a GoFundMe account set up for the event.

We already have some great authors and photographers lined up to participate, to include CM Steele, Sarah Curtis, Reggie Deanching and many more!

Sadly, I lost my daughter, Lexy, to SIDS in 2004. Given these two conditions are the same in nature, they have joined together in an effort to raise awareness. The funds will be donated to the foundations who work hard researching for a way to detect these conditions and prevent them.

The event coincides with the eleventh anniversary of Mary's best friend, Claire Wind, who passed from SADS on November 2nd. All proceeds from the first two weeks of sales (including pre orders) of her book being released on November 7th are being donated to the charities.

FACEBOOK EVENT: https://m.facebook.com/events/1141018755962218


Thank you for your help!
Trinity & Mary

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