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Trinity Hanrahan
Dear iTunes: You Suck 
27th-Oct-2014 03:26 pm
Frog Baffled
So... Mia had an iTunes account. Long story, but she's no longer allowed to use the iPod or the iTunes account anymore. I decided today I was going to log into it and see what she had in it. It was still set for an old email address of mine, but the password she gave me wasn't the correct one.


So, I go through the password reset process, change the user ID, etc as per instructions.

I get it done (I thought) and I log in. I keep having to do this. Over and over and over.

I finally get in and I check everything, looks OK, decide that I like the music and I'll download it to the computer.

Now suddenly my account is disabled. I can access everything, but when I try to do something, it says it's disabled.

Why the HELL can't anything ever be simple when it comes to this child?!?!
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